30/09/2016, Saint-Tropez (FRA,83), Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2016, Day 5

And so the racing concludes for almost 4,000 sailors competing in this exceptional, good-humoured edition of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2016, evidently somewhat overawed by so much light, so many exciting races and so much fun both on land and on the water. In the gentle atmosphere of an autumn Sunday, the prize-giving ceremony traditionally organised in the Citadel off Saint Tropez was one last moment of sharing, full of the promise of enchanting tomorrows at Les Voiles, in contact with the legendary yachts and the dazzling bay setting. As highlighted by André Beaufils, the happy President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, organiser of the event, it is the sailors, skippers and owners, who make the event what it is today, and with every passing edition, they perpetuate the dream of the creative visionaries from some 35 years ago at the Nioulargue.

 Quotes from the Dock:

André Beaufils, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez

“It’s an edition that will go down in the annals, in terms of the weather of course, which has been absolutely fantastic, as well in terms of the constraints imposed this year with the work on the Harbour Master’s Office, and the subsequent re-siting of Les Voiles’ race village, not to mention the imperatives linked to security. We can no longer organise such an event in a carefree manner. I’m delighted with this past week, as are all the competitors. That’s the important thing. Our partners have declared themselves to be happy too. The Town of Saint Tropez has got to enjoy some lovely encounters, particularly with Tahiti’s presence. The show on the water has been fabulous and the media have been able to work in optimum conditions. All the positive feedback is a great reward for all our volunteers. The village was also a crowd-pleaser with its trompe l’oeil windows. We’ll hang onto the concept whilst making it wider for next year. Our Rolex partner will be back with its hospitality area so we’ll rediscover our usual entrance, but with some developments.

How can we do better? It’s not a question I ask myself. I don’t have a record to beat. We’ve attained a level of quality that is in close correlation with the event and we can modify things according to outside constraints. Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, is a bit like a B.Y.O. party; you get what you put into it! There are no stakes to our races. That spirit must continue. We can allow ourselves a few excesses, a few moments of madness. It’s down to the competitors to create the crazy atmosphere.”

Georges Kohrel, President of the Race Committee

“This year, it would be hard to be more satisfied! What a superb week, with superb conditions and superb races! We haven’t enjoyed such conditions for a long time. The teams on the water know each other incredibly well. We make minor adjustments if necessary so as there are no gaps in the chain of skills. I have no concerns about the organisation of the three Race Committees for the Modern, Tradition and Wally yachts. It’s the skills of all our volunteers on the water that enable three race rounds and 300 boats to be managed simultaneously. The fine weather and the beautiful boats have attracted a lot of people onto the water. You do have to explain to the public who come out on the water how to respect the races. For next year, we’ll modify the race timetables so as the Modern yachts don’t arrive at Portalet just as the last Tradition yachts are setting sail…”

They were at Saint Tropez

The world of the sea, inshore racing and offshore racing traditionally come together at Les Voiles. At the helm of the most exquisite craft, calling tactics, on the manoeuvres, out on the rail and on the quaysides, sailing’s big names have flocked to the famous port in southern France’s Var region, with the noticeable presence, in this Vendée Globe year, of two competitors who will be at the start of the solo round the world race that sets sail on 6 November: Sébastien Josse and Sébastien Destremeau, as well as a former winner of the event, who will be in charge of security for the next edition: Alain Gautier. Other round the world sailors at the show have included Sébastien Audigane, South African Jan Dekker, Philippe Poupon and his actress wife Géraldine Danon, Philippe Monnet, Bruno and Loïck Peyron (also currently involved in the Artemis challenge for the next America’s Cup) Lionel Péan and also Volvo sailor Eric Peron.

There has also been a plethora of Figaro sailors, Mini sailors and members of other oceanic classes like Yannick Bestaven, Sébastien Rogues, Erwan Leroux, Nicolas Lunven and Armel Tripon,  There are sailors from the Olympics too… like Sofian Bouvet, (French 470 Team in Rio), Noé Delpech, (French 49er Team in Rio), Guillaume Florent, bronze Olympic Finn medallist in Beijing and German Jöchen Schümann, Olympic Finn and Soling champion, America’s Cup specialists, Marc Pajot, Bruno Troublé, Sébastien Col, American Tom Whidden and New Zealander Brad Butterworth, not to mention the royal racing aficionados such as HRH Juan Carlos, King of Spain, HRH Charles de Bourbon des Deux Siciles and Pierre Casiraghi, helmsman on the 15mJI Tuiga.


Rolex Trophy: Moonbeam IV (Grand Tradition)

Edmond de Rothschild Group Trophy: TP 52 Team Vision (IRC C)

BMW Trophy: Open Season (Wally)

Kappa Trophy: Leopard (IRC A)

Pommery Trophy for the most beautiful spinnaker: Elena of London

YCF Trophy: Spartan

Byblos Trophy: Spartan (Period Gaff A)

Jetfly Trophy: Rowdy (Period Marconi A)

Euronews Trophy: Maria Giovanna II (Guest Class)

Mercantour Events Trophy: Yanira (Classic Marconi A)

Esprit Village Trophy: Cholita (Period Marconi C)

Tropheminin: Alibi

Les Marines de Cogolin Trophy: Team Chalets (IRC D)

SNSM Trophy: Absolutely (IRC E)

The results:

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez plays host to 3 separate race ‘rounds’ for three large yachts categories; the Modern boats, the Tradition yachts and the Wallys. 5 groups of Modern yachts race in Saint Tropez, split into 5 categories governed by IRC. They’ve all validated 4 races this week.

IRC A Group

1- Leopard (Mini Maxi)

2- Velsheda (J Class)

3- S (VOR 70)


IRC B Group

1- Music (Baltic 50)

2- Music

3- Lazy Dog


IRC C Group (Edmond de Rothschild Trophy)

1- Team Vision Music (TP52)

2- Freccia Rossa (TP52)

3- Arobas (TP52)


IRC D Group

1- Team Chalets (A40)

2- Black Jack (J 113)

3- Wallis


IRC E Group

1- Absolutely (M 36)

2- Tchin (A35)

3- HEAT (Farr 30)


WALLY (BMW Trophy):


1- Open Season

2- Magic Carpet Cubed



1 – J One


TRADITION 12 Groups gathering together all the classic yachts.


Classic Marconi Gaff Group: 7 entries

1- Yanira (Aas 1953)

2-Samarkand (Sparksman&Stephens 1958)

3- Eugenia V (Rhodes 1968)


Classic Marconi B Group

1- Outlaw (Illingworth 1963)

2- Argos (Holman 1964)

3- Fantasque (Mauric 1970)


12 m JI Fast-racer Group

1- Il Moro di Venezia (Frers 1976)

2- Ikra (Boyd 1964)

3- France (Mauric 1970)


Epoque Gaff Group

1- Spartan (Herreshoff 1912)

2- Olympian (Gardner 1913)

3- Chinook (Herreshoff 1916)


Epoque Gaff B Group

1- Kelpie of Falmouth (Sweisguth 1928)

2- Marigold  (Nicholson 1897)

3- Lulu (Rabot Caillebotte 1897)


Epoque Marconi A Group

1- Rowdy (Herreshoff 1916)

2- Enterprise (Olin Stevens 1940)

3- Seven seas of Porto (Clinton Crane 1935)


Epoque Marconi B Group

1-Leonore (Anker 1925)

2- Jour de Fête (Paine 1930)

3- Carron II (Fife 1935)


Epoque Marconi C Group

1- Cholita (Potter 1937)

2- Blitzen

3- Fjord III (Frers 1947)


Grand Tradition Group (Rolex Trophy)

1- Moonbeam IV (Fife 1914)

2- Moonbeam III (Fife 1903)

3- Halloween (Fife 1926)


Guest Class

1- Maria Giovanna II (Olin Stephens 1969)

2- Alibaba II

3- Dainty (Westmacott 1022)


Tofinou – 9 entries

1- Camomille – Jean Louis Nathan)

2- Black Legend (Christophe Delachaux)

3- Milou (Mario Schobinger)

Tofinou 9.5

1- Mynx – Guy Reynders

2- Pippa – Obe edward S. Fort

3- Pitch – Patrice Riboud


15 m JI

1- Mariska (Fife 1908)

2- The Lady Anne (Fife 1912)

3-Tuiga (Fife 1909)

4- Hispania (Fife 1909)


Partners to Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez










Saturday 24 September – Sunday 25: Registration and inspection

Monday 26, Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28, Thursday 29 (J. Laurain Day, Challenge Day), Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October: Coastal course, 1st start 11:00am



Sunday 25 and Monday 26 September: Registration and inspection

Sunday 25 September: finish of the Yacht Club de France’s Coupe d’Automne from Cannes

Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28, Thursday 29 (J. Laurain Day, Challenge Day, Club 55 Cup, GYC Centenary Trophy), Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October: Coastal course, 1st start 12:00 noon


Prize-giving for everyone

Sunday 2 October, from 11:00am


Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, President: André Beaufils Principal Race Officer: Georges Korhel On the water organisation: Philippe Martinez On shore administration and logistics: Emmanuelle Filhastre Registration: Frédérique Fantino Communication: Chloé de Brouwer Website: Facebook: Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez official Twitter: @VoilesSTOrg

Press Relations:

Maguelonne Turcat Photos:

Gilles Martin-Raget,

Video: Guilain Grenier



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